About Us

Peninsula Robotics, FRC Team 6036, is a student-led community robotics team based in Palo Alto. Created by a Palo Alto High School student in 2016 to answer the rising interest in STEM among local students, Peninsula Robotics is active to this day and continues to serve its community by providing high school students with hands-on learning experiences that allow them to apply theoretical knowledge in a creative environment of like-minded students to produce functional, competitive robots.
Our main goal as a team is to enrich the educational experience of our community by providing local high school students with the opportunity to gain hands-on technical experience in engineering and software. As an independent student-run organization, unaffiliated with any school, we bridge between a variety of like-minded students from different backgrounds in a creative and intellectually stimulating setting. We are also the only team in the area that accepts every high school student who applies!
Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. We call FIRST Robotics Competition the ultimate Sport for the Mind. High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have”. Every year, we attend several competitions affiliated with FIRST Robotics. In these competitions, we compete with other teams to win at "games". These "games" usually measure our robot's abilities to perform certain tasks in cohesion with our fellow team members.

Our Robot

Robot Name : Filet Mignon
Season : 2020-2021
Design : Our robot for the 2021 season features a hooded turret, revolving storage and a swerve drive. The most notable of these is the swerve drive, the first of its kind for our team. It allows for the robot to turn at a moment notice, in any direction. Every wheel can turn 360 degrees, and all of them have drive power.


Why Sponsor Us?

By sponsoring us, you will directly fund an organization which provides a hands-on learning experience and support a cohort of hardworking students passionate about robotics. Your funding will allow the team to remain active for years to come, continuously inspiring dozens of students to pursue their passion for STEM.
Each year, when a new game challenge is released by FIRST, our team designs, builds, assembles, and programs a brand-new robot from scratch which can then compete in the annual game. All funds granted to the team will be used to purchase materials, parts, tools, and more, all in support of this initiative. Your contribution will allow our team to grow, develop, and bring it to a whole new level of excellence. We are happy to recognize the contributions of our sponsors by placing their logos on our robot’s sponsor plant and our teams t-shirts in competitions. For more information about sponsorships, click here.